Need Ideas for your Hallway?

Having a clean and clutter free entry is a good idea, since it is usually the second impression a person gets of your home (the first is usually your garden etc). If you are looking for inspiration for an entry/hallway upgrade, look no further:

The Funky:

stripes black grey white hallway round mirrors

Black, White and Grey with a splash of Yellow. Those round mirrors gives me a serious flashback to this Jan van Eyck pic.

The Sophisticated:

olive green entry hallway

Olive, white and dark wood.   I like the symmetry of the lamps.

The Fancy:

white grey silver stripes entry hallway

Grey, eggshell white, white and beige.  Classic baroque with modern stripes.

The Stylish:

beige purple greige floral wall paper cover entry hall way

Greige, white and dark wood. Deliciously floral.

The Country:

blue white country entry hallway lamps wall paper cover

Soft blue and white. Beautifully soft and light.

The Mature:

peach beige entry hallwaay

Soft beige, white and medium dark wood.

The Classic:

yellow classic entry hallway chandelier mirror

Soft mustard, white and beige. Accented with gold and pink, for a sunny feel.

The Soft:

beige entry hallway

Soft beige and white and medium dark wood. Lots of light through the window in the door.

The Rustic:

brown pink rustic cabin entry hallway

Dark wood, white and pinks. Romantic cottage feel.

The Sleek:

black white modern hallway entry lamps mirror

White and black. The patterned wall paper is balanced with clean lines.

The Modern:

white entry hallway light modern

Crisp white with splashes of color. Lots of light in this one.

The Garden-friendly:

garden entry hallway

White and green. For the garden enthusiast.

The Retro

green black white retro modern entry hallway

Green and dark blue. Patterns softened by clean surfaces and clean lines.

For more pictures like these, go visit House to Home.


~ by theLennoxx on July 1, 2009.

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