How to Deal with the Blues

A blue room will often look very cold. this is especially true if you pair a light blue with another cold or neutral color, like grey.  Here are a few examples of cold color combinations where blue is the base color:

romantic country living room cold colors grey blue white

Blue-grey and a dirty white.

modern light living room lounge white, green blue

Blue-green with white and a pretty neutral beige. As green contains yellow, this is automatically a warmer color than blue. still pretty cold.

white classic living room blue and white

Blue and white. The brown natural fiber rug warms the room up a lot. Imagine if the rug was grey… very cold.

beige and blue living room

Here we have medium blue with a neutral greige and warm rich dark brown. With the colder colors contained on the walls and background, the seating area really stands out and looks inviting, with its warmer colors.

Blue white beige peach living room lounge classic modern

Blue, white and a soft peach. A lovely warm-cold contrast here.

modern livingroom with round sun mirror

One way to warm up a cold shade of blue is by bringing in warm wooden furniture like in this picture. The wood color kind of doubles for a warm beige to a soft orange.

A tip: if you want a quick fix at warming up your room palette, get a ‘warmer’ (a more yellow) light bulb. The warmer light will turn the blue more green, making it look warmer.


~ by theLennoxx on July 3, 2009.

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