Red Hot Interior!

If you prefer it spicy, you’re in luck!

Red Bedroom:

red bedroom

Classic red Dining room:

red dining room area

Hot Bathroom:

red and beige modern bathroom sink

Red Bedroom:

red classic bedroom

Orange and Hot Pink Bed:

pink and orange bed in white bedroom

Orange and White  Living room (I love this one):

orange and white modern living room lounge

Peach and Purple living room:

red orange purple living room sofa pillow carpet

Peach and Purple Living room:

red orange purple living room sofa pillow carpet2

Orange and Peach Living room:

orange peach living room carpet rug

Orange Terrace:

orange run room outdoor porch garden interior stripes

Red Kitchen and Dining Area:

red and white kitchen and dining area room

Red Bathroom:

red modern bathroom

Red entry:

red modern entry


~ by theLennoxx on July 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Red Hot Interior!”

  1. loved it! except for the entry way and bathroom.

  2. Excuse my bad English, but I am Italian.
    I love a room all red.!!!
    I’m doing all my entry red and I hope it is beautiful.
    It ‘hard to give the red paint on the walls?

    • I’m sure it will turn out beautiful! You can go so many ways with a bright color like red, you can make it modern with crisp white and black, classic with creams or baroque with gold! It is usually no problem to paint a wall red, just use a paint roller. Feel free to share the before and after photos with us!

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