Natural living with Rattan

What do you think of this hand woven rattan bed?

rattan bed

It has a hard wood frame, so I don’t think it will make a rattle every time you turn.. You can also get a matching rattan daybed and side tables:

rattan daybed

rattan side table

You can get the above from this website.

And while we are on the subject, lets look at some other uses of rattan:

The Rattan sofa:

rattan sofa This actually looks kind of comfortable. I would like a taller coffee table though.. You can get it here.

The Rattan Living room:

Casual Rattan Livingroom You can get this natural fiber sofa group (as well as the next pic)  here.

The Rattan Dining room:

Rattan dining room furniture

And now for the Rattan Accessories:

rattan flower pot lamp shade hamper box

1) Rattan flower pots.  2) Rattan ceiling lamp, basket and hamper from Ikea.

I am now realising you can get almost anything made from rattan.


~ by theLennoxx on July 8, 2009.

One Response to “Natural living with Rattan”

  1. Desperately trying to find good quality chunky headboards

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