The Color Purple

Purple in the general language are all tones between red and blue. The color is often associated with royalty and nobility, and has great versatility.

If your favourite colors are purple, have a look at this:


lilac purple white badroom classic, country, romantic, floral modern

Lilac, pinks and creams. A bit granny-chic, no? Read more on this here.

Dining room:

aubergine purple dining room

Here aubergine is combined wiith its complimetary color which is yellow-green, for a dramatic modern look. More details here.


purple wall room fireplace

Purple wall with a modern fireplace.

Living room:

aubergine purple and white living room with fireplace and mirror

The color palette is kept pretty tight in this room, with one tone of aubergine, white and silver accents, like framework, side tables and lamps.

Kids room:

purple lilac pink and yellow kids room bedroom princess

Lilac works well with fresh colors like purple and pink in a playful kids room.


modern baroque lilac purple bathroom with silver mirror

Various tones of lilac and purple, again themed with silver details. The patterns on the wall, mirror frame and drawers makes this bathroom look more romantic.


Bonus Pics: Baroque themed living room and bedroom:

modern baroque purple living room

Various tones of purple, hot pinks and brown. Lots of patterns and textures. Velvet, taffeta and zebra print, all in one room!

modern baroque purple red bed room bedroom


~ by theLennoxx on July 9, 2009.

One Response to “The Color Purple”

  1. Can anyone tell me the color paint used in the Color Purple Kids room?? Thank you so much

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