The Natural Look

Lets compose a home with a natural type style and a soft color scheme of beige, creams and soft olive greens:

The Living room:

beige gerey cream living room natural look with sun mirror

I love the rough materials used together with the cream couch and artistic pieces.

The Bathroom:

beige sand cream natural look bathroom sink tiles

Have a look at those pearl mosaic tiles! How about a mirror?

The Bedroom:

beige sand brown burgundy bedroom bed post natural rock look

Beige, creams and burgundy. That headboard is spectacular! Looks like stone tiles…

The Kitchen:

soft olive green classic modern kitchen natural look

Soft olive green on both walls and ceiling. Not one, but two kitchen sinks.  Dream kitchen?

The Dining room:

olive green and cream white modern natural look

Soft olive green like the kitchen above, cream and dark wood furniture. Clean and simple without looking boring.

The Home Office:

white and green classic modern natural look home office White, beige and olive green. Nice and light.

The Patio:

patio porch rattan furniture cream and olive green Solid rattan furniture with cream and green pillows. Love the bamboo pattern!


~ by theLennoxx on July 9, 2009.

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