Classic Blue

Here are some pics from classic style baby blue rooms.


baby blue classic bedroom

Love the baby blue and cream theme here.


classic blue Bathroom romantic country style Baby blue and cream in this room too, and I love all the pretty details. That shelf over the bathroom is pretty, but what is up with china in the bathroom? lol!


modern romantic classic style Hall baby blue

This is just gorgeous! LOVE the wallpaper and the side table! I wonder who designed those..

Living room:

modern classic baby blue powder blue living room

Classic living room in blues and blue-greens. Exchange the footrest coffee table for a white classic table for a more classic look.

Pics via House to Home.


~ by theLennoxx on July 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Classic Blue”

  1. I think the baby blue wallpaper with trees and flowers is beautiful as well as that glass side table. If anyone knows where to buy those or something similar to it I would love to know. I just bought a house myself and I think that would be beautiful in it. Thanks!

  2. hi!
    I was wondering if anyone knows where you can buy that wallpaper in pic #3 (baby blue wallpaper with trees/flowers). Thanks!

    • I have been looking for this wallpaper more times than one, and have no idea where to get it. It is beautiful. If I come across it, I will post it in the main feed. If any of you guys come across it, please share!!

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