Picture Perfect: Lisa Perry

Today we will take a look into fashion designer Lisa Perry‘s Hampton’s house. Lets check out her ultra funky minimalistic style:

*minimalistic white and yellow and black living room

The living room. Lisa has gone for the white and beige neutrals, with pops of yellow and black contrast. Those out-doors are spectacular! And the sofa is huge, she must have many friends, lol! Pic via Habitually chic.


minimalistic white yellow black living room lisa perry

I guess this is the rest of her huge living room. Picture via the blog Mint.


whithe red yellow hallway nook chandelier retro chair lisa perry

White and yellow, white and red. Look at the depht-effect in the hallway from placing multiple sea shell chandeliers in a row like that.


white and yellow nook lisa perry retro modern minimalistic

A closer look at the yellow and white (bed?) room. Reminds me of a fried egg… Pic via Alicia B. Designs.


She should totally acessorise with this silly candle:

fried egg wax candle

The Girl Lives like she designs!



~ by theLennoxx on July 16, 2009.

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