Beige and White: Coastal Style

Lets take a look at some pics from beachy- and nautical style homes in beige, white and mahogany:


beige and white beachy nautical style living room

I think this room is really harmonic. The floor and most furniture is kept light (white), while the walls are beige. This simple color palette divides the room beautifully into two color zones, which are then pulled together again by accents of the opposite color, like a wooden (beige) chair in the ‘white zone’.

Pic from this site.


beachy nautical style dining room mahogany

A lovely dining room with a great ocean view. Classic furniture.

More info on this pic on this site.


beachy nautical style rustic bathroom beige

A beautiful bathroom.


nautical style home sail boat

As there is a sailboat in bith the living room and dining room above, we include one here! You can get yourself a nice rustic sailboat here.


sea shell art on plexi glass statue decor

You can get these decorative shells from here.



~ by theLennoxx on July 17, 2009.

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