HGTV Green Home 2008

Lets go back in time and take a look at last years HGTV Green Homes (2008) sweepstakes. We have already seen this years (2009) prize home here on theLennoxx. Al though I was absolutely blown away by this years entry, the 2008 house that we are about to take a look at, didn’t really do it for me at all:


red and white living room

Red, white and beige living room. Okay, this looks real good. The sofa is lovely, as is the cushions, carpet and well.. everything else.


red and white beachy dining room open living

The living room, dining room and kitchen are all part of an open plan solution.


red and white beachy dining room

A beach theme dining room. The details are cute, including that ceiling lamp.


green and white kitchen

The green and white (chaotic?) kitchen.


red and white beachy hall

Bringing the beach-theme into the choral- red and white hall.


yellow mimosa and white stripy wall daybed lounge

A daybed in mimosa and white.  These colors are nice.


yelloe white stripy wall sea ahell curtain trim A lovely detail; sea shell trimming on the curtains.


light blue and white beachy master bedroom

Light blue and white master bedroom. In keeping with the theme, there are sea shell decor over the doors and on the side walls. Nice color scheme here.


light blue white and dark wood master bathroom

The master bathroom is light blue and white, with dark wood floor and counters. Simple masculine lines.


big bath tub master bedroom two person soak

The master bathroom has a double (two person) bathtub. This is supposed to be a green project, no? The heating of water is probably the most energy consuming task in a house..  just sayin’. It looks real nice though.


brown white and blue turquoise living room lounge seating area

The downstairs lounge. Rattan furniture in a brown, white and blue color scheme.


bright yellow fishing tool shed room

A scorching yellow fishing gear room.


loundry nook mirror sea fans

The laundry room. Looks nice and organized, those sea fans are beautiful!

By the way, you can get sea fans here.


bright green and white beachy bedroom

A very green guest bedroom. Way too green to my taste. The bed looks great though. Beach motif pictures and sea shell mirror frames on the wall.


light blue two bed kids boys bedroom

The two-bed kids room, in a white and soft blue color scheme. The fish decor is nice, no?


Lets see what we have in the overall color department. We have a powerful choral red, mimosa, various shades of light blue, scorching yellow, a too-green… green, and maybe an orange room (from looking in the laundry room mirror).  I get that it’s supposed to have a tropical undertone, but why paint the walls in “fluorescent” colors instead of accessorizing with them? LOL, I know  a lot of people loves this house though, and it is really nice, I just think the colors are a bit too much. I’d love to know what you guys think!


~ by theLennoxx on July 20, 2009.

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