Sophisticated Neutrals

For a sophisticated interior style, go for neutral colors like cream, beige or greige, contrasted by brown or black. Keep the background and larger surfaces neutral, with the darker contrast confined to smaller pieces of furniture like coffee tables and furniture framing. Choose few larger quality (or what looks like it) pieces rather than a lot of small ones. Go for texture rater than pattern. Here are a few examples:


cream beige brown tans sophisticated nautical living room

Creams, soft beige and dark wood. I find it a bit quirky they have used the fire place to store wood in. Curtains hung real high to emphasize the height of the room.


brown leather couch chair in beige greige room

Layering seems to be key here; layered mirrors, maps on wall and stacks of books. Even so, it manages to stay simple and sophisticated, due to the simple choise of colors.


beige greige white brown bedroom

Would you layer yout picture frames like that? Greige, white and dark wood.


cream beige brown sophisticated posh classic dining room

Cream, beige and dark wood, with pops of orange. Simple lines, no window curtains.



~ by theLennoxx on July 22, 2009.

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