Nautical Home Visit

Lets take a look into a nautical themed home, presented via Swedish website


white blue red nautical style living room

White, blue and red nautical theme.  The telescope floor lamp in the back is available here.


red white blue nautical style living room

Red, white and blue flag cushions! British flag cushion here, American here and Norwegian here.


red white blue nautical style living room navy blue ottoman

Look, they changed their coffee table! This white one works well for this room. This coffee table would look good too.


red white blue nautical theme bedroom

This nautical bedroom is really cute!


white blue red porch nautical style

Lots of cute details on the veranda. Paint a simple star on your pillowcase!


white house porch, blue red nautical style

Love the detail on the right corner of the veranda.. a mini-beach!


white red blue nautical style detail lighthouse

Why not set up a shelf on your outter wall too? Decorate with your favourite knick-knacks.



~ by theLennoxx on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nautical Home Visit”

  1. i love this look have a look at they have some great new england stuff!

  2. Great nautical decorating ideas!

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