Color Combinations with Yellow

Yellow is a pretty intense color, so the safest way to use it is as an accent color to a neutral background. If you choose a more neutral tone of yellow, like mustard, you can use it as a background color.  Lets take a look at some great ways to use yellow:


golden yellow and black modern bedroom

This shade of yellow has a golden mustard tone as it contains a bit of black, making it more neutral and suitable as a background color. Here with black and light blue, black being the accent color.


modern room yellow sofa black floor tan walls

Gorgeous tan walls and a bold black carpet makes a dramatic backdrop for a classic piece of yellow furniture.


yellow tan coloers modern daybed black chandelier

Beige daybed on black carpet. Painting the wall halfway up in yellow creates a low, cozy space around this little nook.


yellow white grey lamp living room detail

This neutral room of grey and white is made interesting and modern with a pop of yellow.


A good rule is that the stronger the color, the less you need of it. But remember there are always exceptions to these rules, and playing with different shades and tones of color can give fantastic results!

All these hot pictures are borrowed from equally hot site House to Home!



~ by theLennoxx on August 7, 2009.

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