Just Perfect

These jaw dropping designs by editor, stylist and decorator Margot Austin has me stunned!


grey white bathroom pretty sink

This bathroom is simply gorgeous! A clean grey wall, crisp white floor and furniture with a rich brown accent color. The circle pattern on the tiles is so pretty.


bathcabinet grey and white bathroom

That bathroom cabinet is perfect! Pretty Diamond door knob.

You can get white ceramic barrel side table here.


bathroom shower grey and white bathroom

Just gorgeous.


cabinet detail wallpaper back

Wallpapered cabinet interior is such a neat detail.


white natural fabric bedroom

Here are some great ideas: The natural fiber globe lamp is placed directly over the bed. Also, check out the genious way to mount bed curtains; on the wall!


natural linen bedroom rattan mirror

The fabrics are all in a white and beige palette, with linen curtains, wooden mirror frame and bamboo night stand.


daybed chandelier light room

Pretty daybed on sisal rug in a light bright room. The chandelier adds a glamorous touch.


grey wall stone shelf

This white marble shelf is so pretty.


You must visit the website of Margot Austin, she is insanely talented!

The photos are taken by Donna Griffith, see more pretty pics on her site.



~ by theLennoxx on August 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Just Perfect”

  1. Hey, You’re insanely lovely for being so generous with your praise! Thanks for stopping by my space and I’m so pleased you found some inspiration. Just as a nod, I have the very talented photographer Donna Griffith (donnagriffith.com) to thank for her keen eye and sense of light to make all these pretty pictures. All appeared in Style at Home (styleathome.com). cheers,M

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