Chocolate and Turquoise

Chocolate brown and turquoise is definitely a good color combination. Take a look at this fantastic open plan living- and dining room solution, put together by interior designer Jane Hall.  She picked a rich chocolate brown for the living room walls, white sofa and turquoise accents. In the dining room area, she went opposite with a light creamy beige wall and dark furniture. To keep the theme consistent, the turquoise accessories continue throughout the dining area too:


cream brown turquoise dining room

Light walls, dark furniture.


stylish dining room Accents are turquoise.


blue shelf detail

Love the blue paint in this shelf!


brown turquoise dining room detail

Pretty flowers never hurt a room.


chocolate brown and turquoise living room

Dark walls, light furniture and turquoise accents.


white couch



chocolate brown and white and turquoise living room

Lovely contrast between the brown and the white. The turquoise really liven it up.


living room dining room detail

A corner in the living room.


You can see more beautiful designs on Jane Hall’s site!



~ by theLennoxx on August 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Chocolate and Turquoise”

  1. Thanks for the feature. I have not checked in for a while as I have been busy with the redoing the store for fall! Probably the design job that gets the most views is the the art inspired the room on the portfolio page. Feel free to use images from the portfolio! Jane

  2. You’re welcome. My mission in life is to get people to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with colour. It will improve the quality of their lives!

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