Steal the Style: Brown and White Bedroom

Remember this post? Well, these gorgeous pictures are taken by the same super talented photographer Donna Griffith:


brown and blue bedroom with mirrored bed and white mosse head, bedroom chandelier


brwon and white modern home office


Rich chocolate brown walls with crisp white contrasts and contemporary accessories. Check out the photo below where I have rounded up some essentials to creating this super modern bedroom!


brown bedroom white moose copy

Mirrored canopy bed, purple sheets, striped sheets, lamp, chandelier, moose



~ by theLennoxx on August 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Steal the Style: Brown and White Bedroom”

  1. Love the “Steal the Style Brown & White Bedroom” design sketch. Very creative, and just the perfect balance of feminine and masculine design elements. The color palette is ethereal and soothing.

    I’ve added your site to my daily reads.

    Carmen Natschke
    Editor, The Decorating Diva LLC

    • Thank you so much, I love that bedroom too! And, thanks a million for this comment which led me to discover your site, I will add it to my opera speed dial, lol! AND the “blogs we love section”.

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