More Gorgeous Greys!

Remember this post on the gorgeous design by Sarah Richardson? Well, now it’s time for more!


grey and silver polished steel modern washing room laundry

This is the laundry room of laundry rooms! Grey,  silver and brushed steel theme, with frosted glass cabinet doors and glass jars for soap powder.


grey and white entry hall stairway

Now this is a posh stairway! Grey and white, with a gorgeous classic bench.


grey modern dining room shiny pearl wallpaper

Grey dining room with shiny pearl wallpaper and a lucite chandelier. By replacing the inner row of chairs with a bench seat you get the restaurant look, lol.


grey and white home office

Cozy built-in home office. White and gray. So many lovely details!


grey and yellow hallway entry

Another entry, grey “accessorized” with yellow rain boots, lol.


View more pretty room designs on Sarah’s site!



~ by theLennoxx on August 29, 2009.

One Response to “More Gorgeous Greys!”

  1. And who said grey/gray is gloomy? I use grey toned colors in my design projects often. It is a hint of color without going down the same old boring tan/taupe road. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

    S Interior Design

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