HOT or NOT: Photo Murals

I was wondering what you guys think about photo murals like these:


pink roses photo mural wallpaper


sunset beach bedroom photo mural wallpaper


balcony photo mural wallpaper


photo wallaper dining room


jungle theme kids room photo mura wallpaper

You can see more photo wallpapers here.




~ by theLennoxx on August 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “HOT or NOT: Photo Murals”

  1. I love photo murals, but I think one can easily distinguish between photo murals from the 80s (as shown by images from 2nd down) and the ones that appeared a few years ago (see image 1) which are much more funky, original and modern.Don’t forget the customization possibilities – you can use your own photos etc to add a super-dramatic and personal effect to any room without breaking the bank…

  2. Hi! I really love the design!!!
    I live in North Canton OH and wandering vhere can I fina a company who can do the ddisign ( like a tropical stile) for my badroom and how much does it cost.
    Thank you!

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