Open Plan Solution

Lets take a tour!


light blue and yellow modern open solution space

Huge open plan solution with open entry, living room, dining room and kitchen. The fact that this whole level has the same color theme of light blue and a cold yellow (yellow with white).


light blue and yellow living room

The living room is decorated in yellow, green, cream and maroon.


modern living room floating shelfs

This über long drawer unit doubles as shelf, storage and seating area. And look, a fireplace too!


light blue and yellow dining room

Wow, fun choice of chairs, each in a different color to match the rest of the home.


light blue and yellow modern kitchen

I think the blue and yellow color theme works best of all in this kitchen.


light blue and yellow kitchen with floating shelfs, modern

Yellow floating shelves instead of kitchen cabinets. Looks fancy, but what about the dust job??


modern kitchen

Cool triple lamps. And, check out that creative frying pan-storage!


modern blue and yellow staircase

Nice railing on that staircase. Very artistic.


white modern bedroom

This minimalistic bedroom has a great view. A mini fireplace and a mega plant!


yellow and blue modern bathroom

Yellow and blue bathroom. Shiny tiles..


Photos via Houzz, Check out more gorgeous architecture by David Neiman here!



~ by theLennoxx on September 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Open Plan Solution”

  1. All of the decorations are magnificient. Love it…

  2. what a woderful words you have written, i hopr that every one who can read these words benfit from them and share them for the others.Best Regards

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