Glamorous Baby Nursery


grey and purple glamorous baby nursery

Have you ever seen a baby nursery like this? The theme is glamour, and it is put to life with a color scheme of grey and cold purple.


glamorous style nursery changing table

The most glamorous changing furniture ever.. with built in trash cans. That mirror is…


pulldown baby change table

..a changing table!


grey and purple glamorous bedroom with draped ceiling and chandelier

I know there are a lot of controversy around putting a chandelier in a baby nursery, but it’s all good when it isn’t placed directly over the crib, right? It sure adds to the theme. And the ceiling is just amazing!


You can read more about this nursery design on Little Crown Interior’s site!


~ by theLennoxx on September 6, 2009.

One Response to “Glamorous Baby Nursery”

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