One Bedroom, Four Ways!

It is always fun to see what a huge impact all the little details in a room make. This bedroom from House to Home is done in four different ways, lets take a look:


Cream bedroom with taupe greige and white details

A lovely calm and sophisticated bedroom with cream walls and carpets, accented by cold brown, white and peachy pinks.The medium stained wood furniture really brings warmth to this room.


ice cold blue and white bedroom

The same room, with an ice cold make over. The walls have been painted a cold shade of blue, the furniture is light and bare, and the accessory color is a neutral white. The low headboard allows for a pretty winter landscape painting above the bed.


purple lilac white pink romantic country bedroom

A cold jewel purple wall color is heated up by a warm tone of pink in this romantic country style bedroom. The bed has gone from wood to white metal. Frame-less mirrors in all shapes and sizes decorate the walls.

UPDATE: View Paint Color Suggestion for this Room here!


grey cream taupe white yellow bedroom

A very neutral tone of greige on the walls, with simple white furniture. And to save this room from bland-ness, the accessory color is a subtle yellow. Very pretty!


It strikes me what a huge difference the choise of furniture makes. The first and last room both have pretty neutral wall colors,  check out the difference! I think I prefer the first one. So, which style do you like the best?



~ by theLennoxx on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “One Bedroom, Four Ways!”

  1. i love the lilac room! could you tell me what color that is?

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