Playful Colors by Robert Couturier


modern living room white and cobalt blue

Cream apartment living room with cobalt blue accents. The repeated pattern (people) in the painting makes it look almost like wallpaper..


contemporary modern bedroom windows

The cream theme is continued into the bedroom, where one wall is painted aqua.


modern bedroom white and blue green

Fun geometric pattern rug.


white blue red orange modern retro colorful dining room

I love the idea of painting the ceiling something other than white. A darker color gives a nestled feel. This cream dining room has a deep blue ceiling. What do you think?


modern retro dining room blue black ceiling colorful round table

This huge ceiling lamp adds to the overwhelming look of the ceiling, almost like looking up at a thunderstorm?  Pretty colors and shapes in the rest of this dining room, check out that chair design! Very retro modern.


Go visit Robert Couturier’s site to see more spectacular designs!!



~ by theLennoxx on September 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Playful Colors by Robert Couturier”

  1. wow what a beautiful view. i love the interior too, the shelving unit in the dinning room looks amazing.:)

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