Light and Layered Home Design

I am absolutely enamoured with this home designed by Janie Hirsch:


light blue and cream contemporary living room

Light blue and white living room with sisal rug. Look at all the classic furniture pieces and beautiful artwork. Janie definitely use contrasts to add depth to a room.


light blue contemporary living room with cream curtains

Janie is a real talent when it comes to lighting, notice how all the artworks are illuminated in a way that they stand out as individual pieces, and at the same time binds the room together. This is very well illustrated in the top pic too.


light blue contemporary living room

It is so impressing to me when a home is designed in one simple color theme, like here with light blue and white, and yet all the rooms are so different. Behind the living room you can see the kitchen and dining area. See how the different curtains separates the room into two “zones”.


dining area light blue and white contemporary

Just gorgeous! That ceiling lamp is so pretty with the beads on the cable.


light bue dining area with brown curtains

Divine dining room with sheer brown curtains. Notice how Janie always hangs the curtains immediately under the ceiling, emphasizing the height of the room. Also, she often opt for two chandeliers over a dining table instead of one, that way you can decorate the wall behind with a large mirror or painting, and use one tall centerpiece on the dining table. The beams on the ceiling adds a third dimention to this room, read this great article about it on Things That Inspire!!


light blue and black contemporary kitchen

Going for black cabinets in the kitchen is such a bold and creative choise!


light blue and cream contemporary bedroom with lage padded headboard

The focal point of this bedroom is definitely the super tall padded headboard.


light blue contemporary bathroom

Stunning bathroom with more than enough lighting. I love how she mounted the sconces on the mirror! Not everyone has artwork overt the tub either.


If you want to see the rest of the pics from this home, visit Janie Hirsch’s website here, and you can read a great interview with Janie on Simply Seleta!


UPDATE: View Paint Color Suggestion for these Rooms here!



~ by theLennoxx on September 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Light and Layered Home Design”

  1. Living room decor looks elegant. And i loved the ceiling lamp.Its so simple and pretty.

  2. Living room decor looks elegant. And i loved the ceiling lamp.Its so simple and pretty.
    BTW I love your blog!

  3. All of the decorations are magnificient. Love it…

  4. beautiful! could you tell me the shade of blue please?

  5. OMG! I love this house, it look so classy. This would be my dream house. too bad, I am still a student. I would be looking forward on this house.

  6. So beautiful design, I love this!

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