Theme Room Inspiration

If you are planning on decorating a fun theme room for your kids, look no further than to the Madonna Inn (discovered through Retro Renovation) for inspiration:


old mill

Each room is designed in a different theme. This is the Old Mill family room with two king sized beds and a hand painted mural. To read more about each room, click the pic!



Carin is the super girly all pink bedroom. Perfect for Barbie and Ken!


chestnut foal

The Chestnut Foal is a green and brown horse themed room. Check out the Merry-Go-Round ceiling lamp!



This tyrian purple and burgundy red bedroom is accented with golden mirror frames and classic teardrop chandeliers. To achieve a baroque theme, go for regal colors and velvet (or velour). I would go for another color carpet though. This room is named Dez, and might not be suited for a kid, lol.


mountain view

The Mountain view has a nice relaxed atmosphere with brown carpeting, green walls and a great white bed with some wild zebra prints!



Merry is a sparkling pink bedroom with chandeliers by the dozen.  I want to put a low headboard on that bed.


irish hills

The Irish Hills is (naturally) emerald green!


If you want to see more of the fun colorful rooms of the Madonna Inn, or maybe even book a room, visit their site here! So, which room is your favorite?



~ by theLennoxx on September 27, 2009.

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