Natural Coastal and Norwegian

If you are inspired by natural materials and layered fabrics with a world of different textures, look no further than to Norwegian lifestyle shop Bolina:


scandinavian style living room inspiration with natural fabrics

A cozy seating area with dark stained raw wood planks for a wall. White pillows in every shape and texture. I love the one with the dots!


scandinavian style living room inspiration light fixtures

Troll-sized spoon and fork on the wall? lol! The cluster of lamps is very nice, and takes up the shape of the bowl in the next pic:


scandinavian coral style vase

This bowl must be inspired by a coral reef, no? I love it!


natural fabrics and glassware

Lovely contrasts of cold hard glass with soft fabrics. Natural pale color palette.


beachy coastal style vases

More delightful vases. Very coastal!


coastal beachy style lamp shades with linen and shells

I must admit I have become quite obsessed with lamp shades lately. This one is definitely a cute design with its linen upholstery and dangling seashells!


beachy coastal style pillows



wool rocks hanging accent

Rocks on a string. These are actually made from wool.


You can look trough Bolina‘s inspirational pics from the shop here (click “Last ned” to see full size pics)!



~ by theLennoxx on October 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “Natural Coastal and Norwegian”

  1. I think I might just really LOVE this. Got to check Bolina out. Thanx for the tip! And I love your blog. You’d better get on my favourite-list. Still a chance to join my give away, by-the-way! :) Take care!

    • Hi! Thank you so much! I stopped by your blog and left a comment a couple of days ago, but I never saw it come up. I wasn’t sure if you moderate your comments, so I didn’t want to leave another (very similar). Anyway, I commented about your gorgeous ceramic ball (?) art!!

  2. Wow, så vakre bilete! Verkeleg flotte fargar og stemningar i dei omgivnadane:)

  3. Linda, great article, LOVE the pictures…..!!!!!!!!

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