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This post is for lovely reader Ashley who is on a quest to find the colors used on three of her favorite rooms. I do not have access to the exact colors used in each room pictured on this site, but lets try nonetheless! The colors picked out is a happy medium of the colors in each picture, because the lighting and shadows greatly affect the color perception.

So, lets go!


Pink bedroom to die for

Additional color info for PANTONE 726X: RGB = (233, 206, 187) CMYK= (7, 18, 24, 0).

If you go to the original post (click virtual color swatch above) you can see the ceiling is also painted. There is no exact PANTONE code for this color, here is the color mix info for that one as well:

RGB = (141, 114, 103) CMYK = (42, 52, 55, 13).


Light and layered home design (light blue)

Additional color info on PANTONE 5455C: RGB = (204, 214, 224) CMYK = (19, 10, 7,0)


One bedroom four ways (purple)

Additional color info on PANTONE 5215C: RGB = (177, 148, 166) CMYK = (32, 43, 23, 0)


Click virtual color swatch to read the original post where the room is taken from.

WARNING: The colors on your screen will appear very different from what you might find on a color swatch if you haven’t color calibrated your computer screen. If you decide on using a color code from this site, you are advised to double check the color on a swatch in your paint store.



~ by theLennoxx on October 3, 2009.

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