Witch themed Halloween Party!



Halloween Witch theme dining

Treat your guests to home made witch hats and monster cookies. Off course you will have to serve your guests “poisoned” candy apples, and witch brew punch. Scary cupcakes with green icing and spider webs goes great (not really) with a shot of absinthe.


Home decoration:

halloween witch theme home decor

A tall sleek drink dispenser filled with bloody red wine gives the shivers. Look into the future with an orange crystal ball while cooking up some green “poison” shots. The recipe is in the book of spells, and the ingredients in the purple glass flasks. You will probably need some frogs, spiders, mice and black crows too.


Garden Decoration:

halloween witch theme garden decor

A broom with a crazy witch holding on for dear life fits snuggly in your flag-holder. How about a spooky Halloween bird house? Light a tea candle in a black lantern and hang a beautiful black feather Halloween wreath on your door!


Trick or Treat Candy:

halloween witch theme trick or treat candy

Witch themed candy includes gummy bugs, worms, mice, spiders and eyes. Yum!


poisonous mushroom on jarHow about some poisonous mushrooms for a party favor? Or maybe as a place card?



~ by theLennoxx on October 7, 2009.

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