Exotic Home by Robert Couturier


tropical home design

Tropical living room. I get an ancient Egyptian vibe from this wallpaper, the way those palm (?) leafs are laid out.


tropical style living room with palm leaf wallpaper

Who wouldn’t love to have a suspended hammock-divan in their living room? Robert placed one sofa on each side of the room, a huge coffee table in the middle, and a small wooden coffee table in front of each sofa.


tropical style dining room

The dining room walls are decorated with red and gold fabrics. Check out that dining table! I think it has little wheels too.


tropical style hall entryway foyer

The foyer has a gorgeous bamboo wallpaper and a Chinese cabinet. I love how all the rooms are decorated with huge green leafs!


You can visit Robert Couturier’s website here to see the rest of this gorgeous home!



~ by theLennoxx on October 8, 2009.

One Response to “Exotic Home by Robert Couturier”

  1. I just love this decor you have created. What a good get away in your very own place.

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