Southern Living in a Gothic Home

Hi guys! The cool people over at Southern Living Magazine sent me a copy of the October issue to review their new design, and what they shared with me, I will now share with you! So, here is a sneak peak of my favorite details from the mag:


Southern Living October cover


The Home we are visiting is that of a priest, and his home, designed by architect Linda MacArthur, is inspired by the great Gothic Churches of the medieval period:


gothic home

First of all, the entry is gorgeous! The arched outer door framed by the raw bricks is sparingly decorated with an over sized lantern, a big pumpkin and a simple fall wreath of leafs and nuts. The best part is the “story book” roof! It is a mix of red, orange and green tiles. The Gothic wheel window typically seen in the medieval churches is brought into the foyer as legs for a console table!


gothic architecture details 2

One of the most prominent features of Gothic architecture is the pointed spears and arches. See how beautifully this is incorporated into the railing of the stairway. The building you see on the right is the pool house. It has a chandelier and a fireplace! Can you recognize the shapes of the arches? I love how nothing is really overlooked here, even the brick road has the pointed arch pattern. Oh- and a cute detail: a door knocker on the living room door. (That cat is always camera ready!)


gothic architecture details 3

Three gorgeous lanterns illuminate the hallway.  The ceiling is built from rescued wood. Now check out the fantastic ceiling in the entry, this is something you usually wont see outside of a church! Even the fireplace has gorgeous Gothic carvings in it. The lead glass window has been worked into the design. The top photo of the window with the chandelier is from another home, but I just loved the shelves on either side of the window. You could totally get the look with some branches!


Yes, I had a lot of fun putting in the little animals. You can visit Southern Living Magazine’s website here! Oh- and I’ll have a bite of that pumpkin-shaped cake please!



~ by theLennoxx on October 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Southern Living in a Gothic Home”

  1. This home is going to be on an Atlanta tour of homes in January, and I have been asked to write the house profile for each home. I would love to see it in person before writing about it, and I will give you a full report!

    • Hey that’s great! I love reading your views on architecture, and after I do, I always see everything differently, like with the dimension! Cant wait for your view on things!

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