A Tasteful Halloween with Amy Atlas

Amy Atlas events (love that name) is a firm specializing in desert tables. Not only do they bring you candy, check out their eye-candy:


halloween food and candy buffet table

Fantastic Halloween desert buffet. Be inspired by Amy’s spooky centerpiece of bare black branches decorated with licorice rolls!


halloween witch cupcakes with witch hats

Here we have a box of cupcake witches with waffle cone hats, licorice hair and candy corn noses!


halloween jellybean trick or treat bag

These little pumpkin-inspired candy bags are a perfect giveaway for the trick or treaters.


halloween cakes cookies and candy apples buffet

Yellow and orange rum balls, ghost cookies and pumpkin candy apples, just to mention a few.


ghost candy apples and candy corn cookies for halloween buffet

Candy corn cookies! And the white ghost candy apples are the cutest!


If that doesn’t inspire you into baking, I don’t know what will. You can visit Amy Atlas events website here, and be sure to check out the blog!



~ by theLennoxx on October 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Tasteful Halloween with Amy Atlas”

  1. Are recipes available for amy atlas halloween desserts pictured?

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