Room Designs with Asian Flare


gold white green hallway asian style

This hallway is so pretty! The walls are gold with crisp white detailing and forest-green accents. Even the dark stained hardwood floors are gorgeous. I am always drawn to symmetry, and Olga Adler, the designer of these rooms, uses it to its fullest extent! You can get that mirror from Pottery Barn by the way.


gold white and green room asian style

I’m guessing the color choice of this room was inspired by that lovely painting? You can peek into the dining room from here.


asian style dining room

Pineapple chandelier! Lovely wood furniture and accents in this dining room.


asian style living room

Is it the new trend to make your guests walk three steps to put down their coffee cup? lol! (Remember how Robert Coututier solved this?)


asian style living room with chinese lattice wall accent

The Chinese lattice wall art and mirror frames are really hot right now (and have been for a while)!


asian style china cabinet

Gorgeous symmetry around this china cabinet.


modern natural bathroom

A fitted bathroom unit. My favorite ting in this bathroom is…


modern bathroom with leaf wall sconces

That gorgeous leaf-shaped wall scone!


Make sure to visit Olga Adler’s website to see more of her gorgeous designs!


~ by theLennoxx on October 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Room Designs with Asian Flare”

  1. Interesting post. We have been in our home 16 years, and I have been remodeling it all this while. I am now working on an elaborate home theater, then it’s on to a new kitchen. What I really want to do is something else, and it’s really a challenge, because our space is so limited. One of the things that has really helped me is the Internet, because there are so many extraordinary ideas out there these days. I think the kitchen is pretty locked in, because of the small size of it, but bathrooms, as it turns out, are really wide open. There are a TON of ideas for them, and I find new ones every day. Probably the hardest one in that department will be just deciding on something. What you’ve posted just gives me even more ideas to think about, but that’s OK too, I guess. Who knows? Maybe one find day I will come up with something really slick. At least I hope so!

    • Hi Joseph! I’m glad my post inspired you. And, looking at gorgeous homes every day, it’s impossible not to fall in love with something new every now and then. One way to cut trough the jungle of ideas and possibilities is to decide on a style. For example you want the house to be overall light and bright, or dark and dramatic? =)

  2. Thanks for featuring my rooms! Found your blog through and really enjoyed reading your posts. Keep on blogging! Best, Olga Adler

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