Creative Halloween Decoration

I love it when someone goes out of the “box” and completely reinvents something. This is the feeling I got from looking at one of the featured homes decorated for Halloween on Country Living blog:


spooky front door halloween decoration bats

Fight your way through a swarm of bats to ring this doorbell!


spooky living room decor for halloween

Check out the spooky cobweb on the sofa! And how creative is that witch hat on the painting?


spooky halloween decor bedroom

Coolest web-decoration ever!


spooky bathroom decor for halloween

Three black crows adorn a shelf in the bathroom.


No pumpkins, no ghosts and no witches. Pretty spooky still, no? You can check out the rest of this house here!


~ by theLennoxx on October 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Creative Halloween Decoration”

  1. Happy new year, to you all.:)

  2. süper

  3. […] Le lampion d’halloween réalisé avec du papier de […]

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