Welcome to theLennoxx!

This is a site for interior, design and art, as well as features of  DIY- and Makeover projects.

If you would like to contribute,  exchange links or just want to point something out,  please contact me at:


Note that you may browse by color, by room or by design style.  Hope you enjoy my site!

Disclaimer: Pictures are for inspirational purpose only. I  link to the site of origin of every individual image as far as I can manage to find it. If you see an image you have the original rights to, please contact me at the email address provided above, and I will link it to your web site or remove it at your request.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Linda, you sent a lovely note to me, I would love to share our links, I will post one on my site under, “Designer’s Links” section.
    Feel free to email me direct.

  2. I wanted to purchase the wallpaper. Please let me know if i can do so. My contact # is (Removed by Author). Thanks

  3. Trying to find out who painted the purple dresser.. I have a customer who wants that color and I can not find it. Would love to be able to reach out to artist for assistance~

    Thank You~

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